Wild Life with John Eldridge
What are you chasing? What is chasing you? Why does there always seem to be something that is missing? This void is really the absence of true identity. No, not what you feel. Not what you've been taught growing up. Not even what you've been taught in most churches. Its an adventure that needs to be reclaimed and a battle engaged. 


John Piper speaks on the importance of prayer and sincere relationship with the Father through Christ. 


Dan Mohler teaching on how to truly love your enemies when you actually understand you identity and position in Christ. 


We are called to suffer. Literally. This is not optional if you are following Christ. (see Matthew 10:38)


Walk in humility. Living for Christ and His purposes versus our own. (see John 13:1-17)


Wild at Heart – Band of Bros Session


Francis Chan on Why People Hate Church.


The Kingdom is among us (at hand), the Kingdom is in us... who are sold out for Christ.